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Pet Nutrition


Lougheed Animal Clinic provides Pet Nutrition in Mission and we make sure your pet feels at home with proper nutrition. Our clinic has set up a nutrition plan for every animal and accepts them with great responsibility. Our vets will take care of your pet’s diet in an excellent way to see an improvement in your pet’s health in no time.


Healthy Pets mean Healthy Smile, don’t you want your furry little friend to run to you every time you come home, Proper and right nutritional food is the way to keep your pet healthy and live long.Pets can’t talk, but they can feel and antheses they eat can have an impact on their life. Nutrition is one of the essential issues that many owners are concerned about. So, in order to take this burden from your shoulders Lougheed provides Pet Nutrition Missionwhich includes different nutrition plans for every kind of pet.


The nutrition plan gives proper diet that will help your pet have a healthy weight and avoid many health problems including obesity. Being overweight can be very dangerous for your animal and you should never overfeed your four-legged family member. To meet its dietary needs you need a very reliable clinic which can handle the issues and guarantee perfect results.


Lougheed is available every day including weekends. You can contact and consult with our vet during the working hours. Remember that your pet’s needs should never be ignored and in order to achieve the greatest results you should connect with the professionals and change their lifestyle as soon as possible.