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Spay And Neuter


In order to make our pets’ life easier and healthier we all should take care of them and provide the needed treatments. One of the best ways to make their life longer and healthier is to spay and neuter them in a very proper way. Lougheed Spay and Neuter Clinic in Mission will help everybody to stop the overpopulation of animals. Spaying is very essential as it reduces stress of females and the risk of different types of cancers are eliminated. Neutered animals are also less aggressive and will be very friendly with other pets. This will also make animals be less interested in finding a mate and devote to the owner stronger well-being.


Lougheed Spay and Neuter Clinic in Mission does everything to make every pet happier procedures are done by the experienced vets. After this process your pet will become more active and in 2 days it will come back to its normal routine. Lougheed Animal Hospital always takes into account every detail and each pet meets the vets’ compassionate approach.


You should never underestimate the role of spaying and neutering. By spaying your pet you will also prevent many pets from being homeless. So this means that you not only help your animal be healthier but also fight against the crisis of future poor animals.


At Lougheed Animal Hospital you will find all these procedures very cost-effective. Lougheed Hospital understands that every pet is worth being healthy so it offers very affordable prices encouraging more and more owners and animal lovers to neuter their pets as soon as possible. Lougheed Animal Hospital will also provide post-operative instructions for your four-legged friend, so don’t hesitate, just contact this clinic and let your pet get this surgery which is more than important for its overall wellness!