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Vaccinations For Dogs & Cats


Vaccinations are considered one of the best ways to prevent your pet from different diseases and guarantee its healthy and long life. There are numerous diseases and you are the one to protect your pets with the help of a reliable pet hospital. Lougheed Vaccinations for Dogs in Mission is recommended for protecting your beloved pet from the future illnesses.


At Lougheed Animal hospital you can be sure that you pet will feel wonderful and provided with the best care. Different vaccines that Lougheed provides will help your pet to have a strong immune system and always win in the fight against viruses. There are many vaccinations and we never take everything for granted. Based on the pet’s age, environment, lifestyle and activity it provides the needed vaccination due to which hundreds of potential diseases are taken care of.


Whenever you connect with Lougheed Animal Hospital, our veterinarians will determine a vaccination schedule perfectly fit your friend and you can consult with them about every kind of risk your pet may face. Our vet is always ready to discuss every detail with the owners and provide satisfactory answers. After the consultation you will surely rely on him and trust the whole staff to start the procedure.


Offering various Vaccinations for Dogs in Mission Lougheed Animal Hospital proudly claims that all the pets have been provided with the right care and their health has improved very much after the process. Contact Lougheed Animal Hospital now and schedule a consultation with the vet. We look forward to meeting your lovely friend and making its life even better.